Our Story

You could say we accidentally got into pinball in 2013 and found ourselves looking for a way to turn the game into a business. That same year, we started a small manufacturing and e-commerce business making accessories to trick out pinball machines. Three years later, Mezel Mods is one of the go-to places for pinball accessories all over the world.

When we moved the business to a workshop in 2015, we envisioned creating a space where we could share our collection with the local community. Two years later, we launched 505 Pinball!

Meet the Team

505 Pinball was created to bring the joy of the old-school arcade back into our community. Our goal is to share our collection in a family friendly environment in hopes that the next generation of players will be cultivated.


Kristin Browning-Mezel

Chief Chick

Not the best pinball player but she tries. She's the brains behind the operation.


Tim Mezel

Master Mess Maker

Tim loves to host a great party centered around pinball. Challenge him to a dollar game and let the fun begin.


Jared Villalobos

Flipper Extraordinaire

When he isn't playing video games, Jared loves to hit the silver ball. Come by and challenge him to a match.